The One With The Intense Kiss

We were on a ship out to sea. There were three girls aboard with my group and one of my guy friends (D) who is gorgeous yet unattainable. Something was going wrong. The tannoy was shouting that two men had been found dead in the men’s toilets. I was curious. I went looking and found the dead men. Staff found me there. It looked sketchy. I ran away. I think we all had a heated argument with D. He ran away upset. D ran out to a door in the side of the ship. It opened out onto the sea- a flat reef covered in sea water. D had been overwhelmed. He sank into the water up to his neck. The reef was full of hundreds of people doing the same. They were all having a spiritual experience. A tribe swaying in the water, keeping their heads above. The intensity of the moment was distracting D from his worries. I was wearing a flowing white dress, and I was feeling upset too. I swayed next to D wrapping my arm around his waist, I held him close to my side. Then it felt as if the water was draining away. We turned to look each other in the eye. Then we kissed. It was long, passionate, and intense. Occasionally we stopped to stare into each other’s eye again and giggle incredulously at what we were doing. We were clutching at each other all the while, like we both really needed this. I ran my hand gently down his cheek and his arm. The sadness and the water had both drained away. I knew we both felt profoundly happy. I dragged my eyes away from his, and skipped onto the ship, wide eyed and blissed out.

After last night’s horrible dreams and sleep paralysis, I think my brain is giving me a break with this one. I’ve had a very traumatic week. My Nan has died unexpectedly and I’m feeling upset and evaluating existence. I think perhaps this dream was trying to figure that one out. A defrag. Dead bodies. Upset. And then comfort and distraction from a beautiful person.

The people trying to literally keep their heads above water- no doubt a metaphor for my inner feelings. The two friends distracting each other from their unhappiness end up making the water drain away. I suppose that means to focus on the things that make you happy, that you can lean on your friends, or maybe that I should just make out with more beautiful people lol. *Shrug* eh I dno. Good job anyway brain.


The One With Dita Von Teese


Just woke up from a dream where I was putting on my make up in a public toilet, and arguing with Dita Von Teese because she wouldn’t tell me what time it was and I was late for my Job Centre appointment. :S

By charlotteformosa

The One Where I Was a Sword Swallower

Had a dream this week that I was training myself to become a sword swallower. I thought it was a good idea considering I have barely any gag reflex *ahem*. Was training myself up by starting on a coat-hanger.

Been watching ‘Freakshow’ on Netflix about a circus show at Venice Beach. One of the performers was teaching a girl how to swallow swords. He said you need to begin by swallowing a bent coat hanger. I have thought before that I might like to try sword swallowing. Its just the danger than I’m worried of. Though I suppose that is the risk you take with having such a spectacular skill. Perhaps I should find myself a coat hanger! 😛

The One With The Dinosaur Obstacle Course

Last night I dreamed that I was taking part in some kind of race to the death, dinosaur obstacle course. I was aware there was a massive dinosaur behind me. It was called The Garde. I zigzagged through corridors and hallways. I felt sure the dinosaur was so lumbering and huge, that it wouldn’t be able tot navigate the course. I was wrong. I came out into this big room filled with gym equipment, poles and piles of inflatables. I climbed onto a structure and started to relax. When suddenly with a blood-curdling roar, The Garde came stumbling through the door. It stood upright on its back legs, tiny useless arms hang by its side. His face was the worst he has a long snout, and a massive mouth full of teeth. As soon as I saw him I bounding through the obstacle course, bounced off the inflatables and vaulted across the finish line.

The One With The Escaped Festival Rhino

Last night I dreamed I was at a festival which had animals in a paddock, like a zoo. Me and a bunch of my friends decided to hop the fence and walk through the paddock to get to the other side. There were giraffes and zebras, and chilled out animals like that, so we thought we’d be fine. Then we notice a massive rhino, and a baby lumbering out from behind some trees. We decide that actually, we should get out of there because this could get ugly. We start running away back to the fence, I look behind and realise the big rhino has noticed us and is giving chase. We pelt it as hard as we can to the gate. The rhino is so close. I throw myself and vault over gate, just missing the rhino ramming its massive horn through the bars where I was just standing.

My friends backed away from the rhino as it seemed to be stuck in the gate. I relax, as I think I’m safe now. Just as the rhino uses his horn to pull back the latch and opens the gate…


Saw an article yesterday about a baby and mama hippo, so i think that’s where this dream came from. Also been thinking about festival season.

The One Where Eris Tried To Kill My Nan

Last night I dreamed that a woman had been knitting a blanket for AIDs sufferers in Africa. The quilt was about to be finished after 4 years of work. The woman has decided to take all the blanket makers on holiday to finish the last part. They were all on a sunny beach. When the woman turned around I realised she was Dec from Ant&Dec.

Eris The Goddess of Chaos came to me in a dream. She came to my Nan’s house. She was a young tall woman scantily clad in black hot-pants and ripped tights. She had cobalt blue hair down to her hips. She had pale white skin, white eyes, and sharp features. Upon her arrival my nan turned into a shorter young woman with long lighter blue hair. They went upstairs to fool around. I know Eris ended up trying to kill her but I can’t remember how. Gah.

After considering how Eris looked in the dream, I realised that she resembled a drawing of a woman I drew in school over 5 years ago. Odd.

The One with The Dolphin Massacre

I had an odd one the other day. 

In the dream I was out at sea, catching a whole pod of dolphins in a massive fishing net. I hired to catch the dolphins for the food industry. Soon after I felt sick with my actions, so I opened the net and freed the dolphins. They all swam out apart from one dolphin who got caught in the net. The other dolphins came back and bit the trapped dolphin to death. I was so disgusted with the whole affair, that I decided to turn vegan on the spot.

This dream may have been a reaction to my latest musings on vegetarianism, and the cruelty associated with the meat industry.

The One With The Caterpillar, The Spiders And The Massive Wasp


Forgot to post for a while. Fail

I just had a dream that I woke up and there was a plant pot at the end of my bed, with bamboo sticks and a plant in it. To my delight there was a big fat caterpillar on the plant. As I watched it, it zipped around the plant, munching away at high speed. Far too fast for a caterpillar. I got out of bed and went to inspect. I found that there were two spider webs hung between the plant and sticks, with two little white balls. I thought the balls were the spiders at first, but I soon realised they were egg sacks. I realise that the caterpillar was running fast, to get away from the spiders. I backed away quickly, and it was then that I saw the massive wasp. At least two inches long, with a broken sting and its guts hanging out, it was sliding off the bed. I thought it was almost dead. But then it flew towards me,and I had to throw myself down on the floor and cover my head so I wouldn’t get stung.

The plant is there because I re-potted my tomato plants last week. The caterpillar is a creature that I love and always makes me happy, though in this instance the caterpillar lead me to other horrible creatures. 

The internet says that to see a spider in your dream indicates that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation. Or perhaps you want to keep your distance and stay away from an alluring and tempting situation. To see spider eggs in a web suggest that you are not able to fully acknowledge your potential. You are being held back from expressing yourself. 

To see a wasp in you dream, signifies evil, anger and negative feelings.

The One With The Dentist Dog

Last night I had a nice dream for once! I dreamed that I went to work at the dentist, but the dentist had a new feature- dogs that came and brought you from the waiting room to the appointment room. Apparently it was for depressed patients. I got to work with a lovely black dog, medium size, with a pointy nose and long floppy ears. He was lovely. I loved the job. I came back a few days later. The dog was so popular the dentist had decided to get in some more animals, including an antelope with a broken horn, a cow and a tapir. I took the tapir for a walk. 
For some reason I had also become a celebrity. Me and a friend of mine were put on display outside someone’s house on their window. There were crowds gathered round and they cheered us. It had something to do with stickers?

Last night I had difficulty getting to sleep. I really wanted a good night’s sleep with nice dreams. I guess thinking about it made it happen.

By charlotteformosa

The One With The Red Head Twins From The Circus

Dream number 3:

In this dream I was in a school watching a play. It was circus themed. There were these two twin girls in top hats, white crop hots, red braces, and yellow shorts and waistcoats. They were doing acrobatics and fire performance. One girl took off her hat. Her head was bald ontop, then transitioned into long  pillar box red hair hanging down around the ears to just above shoulder length. Like an extreme mullet. The other girl took hers off. She had a full head of pillar box hair with a big side fringe, and just above shoulder length hair that flicked out on the ends. After the show they did a circus workshop for the students. There were giant gym balls, and hoops, and weird giant koosh balls filled with goo. I got my contact ball out and joined in. This seemed to make them notice me. After the workshop the twins came up to me. They asked me if I’d ever played with fire before. I said no, but then remembered that I actually had. I told them how I’d played with a flaming contact ball before. They seemed to like this, and dragged me away to a bar. When we got there the twins sat on bar stools. I stood. The twin with the full head of hair starting making out with me. I thought this was pretty sweet, because she was super hot! I could tell people were staring, but I didn’t care. We were a pretty strange bunch. The hot one took her jacket off, and seemed to have a bit of a mad episode. She put her head in her hands. She grabbed my hands and told me to feel her tummy. She was soft. She told me to feel for two scars. I did but told her I couldn’t feel anything. She said she’d spoken to the devil once, and he’d given her two scars. I decided to humour her because she was hot. I felt harder, and in the end I could feel two tiny scars. I told her I could feel them. Then the dream ended.

Circus could again be Cirque de Soleil. I’ve been trying to find my contact ball, so that’s where that came in. The twins could relate to me being a Gemini. They could also be a representation of duality. One was super-hot, and one was not so hot because her hair was so mental! A scar in a dream apparently symbolises struggles, painful memories and bad feelings. The hot girl speaking to Satan represents something bad had occurred in her life, and the scars mean the experience still lingers. Does the hot girl represent someone I’m looking for, someone from my past or even me? She could be any number of people. And the wrongdoing could pertain to anything. 

By charlotteformosa